NUA is all about exploration: it’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. NUA is a series of eight short films (approx 15 mins each) intended to be watched over time. NUA is for everyone and is ideal in an...

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adam and jenny

How to Lead a City to Healing and Wholeness

We have a special guest coming for the weekend of October 6th – 8th. Please plan to join us on Saturday, October 7th at 11:00 a.m. to hear Adam Narciso talk on “How to Lead a City to Healing and Wholeness”. Adam is the pioneering leader of Catalyst Training School in Nashville,...

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encourage and inspire

A Ministry of Encouragement and Inspiration

ENCOURAGE – ENLARGE – ENCOUNTER – ENGAGE Encourage International was founded by Kevin and Michelle Shaw in 2001.  Through their inspirational teaching and preaching gifts, through the training and development of leaders and more recently through the development of resources, Kevin and Michelle aim to provide support and encouragement to...

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