Our primary aim is to demonstrate God’s love for people by actively and practically serving and befriending them.  Our mandate is to ‘make disciples;’ hence our focus is not ‘conversion’ i.e. bringing people to a point of decision, but rather to introduce them to Jesus where they are at on the journey, and allowing them in their own time to become His followers. We hope through genuine love and care to journey with them along the path of discipleship.


To that end we want to meet people at their place of physical, emotional and spiritual need.  As body/soul/spirit are not independent entities we do not love only the one and neglect the others.  Hence, if someone needs tea or noodles (or loaves and fish ) we will lovingly serve those.  If people want to talk or need to be listened to, we will gladly do that.  And if people come to trust us and receive love from us and want to know what motivates us to love them, then we will share our faith with them.


This ministry represents Discovery Church, hence agreement to serve with us means agreement to submit to the instruction of the leadership.  For our general safety, the integrity of the church we represent, and for the glory of our Father, the following guidelines should be adhered to at all times.

With the aim of ‘loving our neighbour’

  • Music should not be played too loudly
  • We should never speak badly of, or interfere with others
  • Come with a good attitude and friendly disposition, a heart to serve, and smile!
  • Don’t get caught up in conversations with team mates
  • Get to know people’s names
  • Be relational with people
  • No smoking in front of the trailer
  • Do not give money under any circumstance
  • Have a gentle, loving heart toward people, not pushy/abrasive
  • Be gentle with people, some of the people we come across may be vulnerable
  • Remain in an attitude of prayer recognizing that Jesus is with us
Health and Safety

  • Practice good personal hygiene, come clean
  • Arrive on time for prayer and briefing (7:50pm)
  • Maximum two people inside the trailer while serving, for safety
  • Wear hi-vis jackets at all times
  • Remain within view of the rest of the team
  • If going to toilets, bring someone with you, never alone
  • Report and record all incidents in incident book
  • Keep a look-out for each other, remain aware at all times
  • Follow hygiene standards/ procedures if working in trailer
  • Follow instructions of Team Lead at all times
  • Make the Team Lead aware of any concerns you have