machine gun preacher

Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers talks to us about the current issues and challenges in his life right now. We ask Sam the question – What keeps him going and why he hasn’t just given up.

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Building Work July

We are delighted to welcome a team from Texas from July 19th to July 27th who will be helping us complete the work  on the building. For more information, please see Robert Murray.  

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kids camp

Kids Camp

We are delighted to announce that we will be having a children’s camp from July 12th to July 20th. The VBS camp will be run by a team from Texas. All children are welcome. More information to follow.

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Building Work in April

We are delighted to announce that we will have a team from Brightmoor, MI working on the building in April. Please come along and help in any way you can. For more information, please contact Robert Murray.

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