At Discovery we believe the welfare of our children is both a moral duty before God and a legal obligation before the state. The leadership of this local church takeschild protection Discovery church this responsibility seriously and is seeking to implement best practice in all that we do. We appreciate your commitment to working with us to achieve this goal.

The church has a child protection policy. This policy is available upon request and we would ask everyone who is with us for any length of time to read it. It is essential that we keep the safety and welfare of our children as our primary concern.

We will endeavor to safeguard children by following carefully the procedures laid down for recruitment and selection of staff and volunteers, by providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training, by implementing a child protection policy, by sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers, by ensuring adherence to safety procedures and to reporting concerns to the appropriate statutory authority. Records of references obtained, Garda vetting, workers serving on particular dates, will be retained for long periods of time in case of any future allegation of abuse.

We will also safeguard our workers by the provision of effective training, the provision of appropriate resources, the safeguarding of those who work with children from the consequences of unfounded allegations.

This ministry accepts and recognizes its responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues that cause children harm, and to establish and maintain a safe environment for them. As a ministry we are committed to reviewing our policy, procedures and practice at regular intervals, at least every year.

Daniel Jayakumar (Designated Person) on behalf of the leadership team.