The Discovery Church congregation is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life who are growing in the love and knowledge of God.

Discovery Church is a member of the ‘Assemblies of God Ireland’ (AGI).

Discovery Church is part of the Assemblies of God Ireland

The AGI is a growing relational network of over thirty churches in Ireland that love and support one another with the common goal of reaching Ireland with the good news of the gospel. The network shares a basic set of bible teachings (doctrines) which are orthodox. It also provides accountability, training and support to our leadership team. The AGI takes child protection seriously and has issued a set of guidelines to each local church in order to support us as we pursue best practice in this area. Each AGI church is autonomous in that it governs itself which allows each local church to reflect its own culture and personality. We believe we are a healthier church because of this connection. For more information check out

Discovery is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance (EAI).


EAI is a movement of churches, organisations and individuals coming together to express their common identity and purpose in engaging Irish society with the gospel so that people might encounter justice, peace, wholeness, truth, mercy and love in their everyday lives.

Discovery Church is a registered charity. The church accounts are audited by an independent accountancy firm every single year and are available to the leadership of the Assemblies of God and to any interested parties. The church is looking to be transparent in all it does. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to raise them with us.